For research and consultation i use several very good websites.

World War 2 crash sites

There are many websites which can be consulted to find specific ww2 aircraft crashes. The website below is a good starting point for any crash.

Ww2 aircraft crashes on Dutch soil

World War 2 relics

Once again for ww2 relics there are a huge amount of websites. Just google your item name/number and you will find information. A general knowledge of ww2 equipment is very handy though - this is the best way to start your search.

Forum about all axis subjects

Dutch forum about ww2


On the first two websites you can find everything you want to - also with help of their members. On 'muntenbodemvondsten' you will even find a lot of links to other websites.

Dutch forum coins&antiquities

Dutch forum coins&antiquities

Site about Dutch 'Duiten' (coins)

Very large collection international coins

Saint pendants/heiligen hangers

Lead seals/Loodjes


Dutch antiquities

Dutch amateur finds registration site PAN

UK Portable Antiquities database

UK detector finds