World War 2 relics

In Holland there are many areas were heavy fighting took place at the start and especially at the end of World War 2. Many operations were performed by allied troops but also by German troops. Therefore all types of gear and weaponry can be found; ranging from US, German, British, Canadian, Dutch etc. etc.

Some interesting finds:

Artillery rounds. Most seem to be 25 pounder QF rounds. Canadian forces were very active in the areas in which i found these.

119 IV H(O)L       2CE

Stork marking (see photo)



IIIA      VEC      5/42

44  285  B

In the photographs above are also shown some safety caps.
Some explanation about these rounds and photographs for reference:

Shrapnel. On all battlefields you will find many shrapnel fragments of all type of ordnance - artillery/tank rounds, grenades, mortars etc.

Helmets. A very rare find during one of our trips were two German helmets found together!

Bullets and cartridges. Of course many of these can be found.
When the markings are still readable you can determine exactly were they were made and by whom they were used.
Most i found were British/Canadian made .303 and BESA cartridges. But also a small amount of US made .50 and British fighter bomber 20mm casings.
Besides these i found several Dutch M95 casings and a German K98 casing.

Found on a small field were the Canadians fought German Fallschirmjager:
some Canadian and German mortar parts.