My collections

My interest into military planes started when i visited an airshow for the first time at age 12. This was the airshow "75 years KLu" at Deelen airbase, 1988.
From age 12 to 18 i was a fanatic aircraft spotter (1988-1994). After 1994, due to other interests, i performed this hobby on a more irregular base.
Military aircraft will always be one of my passions though.

During the spotting days of 1988-1994 i experienced some of the final 'golden days'. USAF deployments, squadron rotations and exercises within The Netherlands counted a total of dozens a year. During this period the Dutch airforce (KLu) flew 200+ F16's and a substantial number of NF5's, Alouette III's and Bo105's.
Among most interesting aircraft flying around during these days were G-91's, F-104's, Buccaneers, Jaguars, Hunters, F-4's, A-7s', Harriers... and much more!


Interests into the Second World War and History already existed since i read war comics and watched war movies as a child. Only at a much later age did i really became interested and started reading martial history and biographies.
By means of visiting museums and battlefield locations, and by reading a lot about these subjects, my favorite theme became German Tanks of this era - and all units, tactics and notable officers in relations to these.

During the last 15 years i collected authentic World War 2 era photographs which depict tanks during this period. In my collection are some very rare photographs.
From a specific type tank, from which was only made one, i have the only (until now) known existing photograph. Also some photographs of my collection are published, with my permission, on other websites:

Because my long time activity on several international forums i expanded my contacts by (professional) writers and researchers. Therefore also expanding my own knowledge about this subject.


My third collection is of a fairly recent interest.
In 2014 i started searching, using a metal detector, with colleagues for aircraft crash sites and World War 2 relics. Almost 3 years later we already found 2 T-33 and 1 Spitfire crash site. Of course these sites were cleared at the time of the crash itself but we still managed to find some remaining small items.
We also found many World War 2 items during the past years.
At the start of 2017 i also started searching for ancient coins and other antiquities - all from the era 1500 to 1900.