1991 was the year I went full-spotting. Besides the air show at Twenthe AB en Ede-Wageningen I also went a lot of times to Volkel AB.

At Volkel AB I saw, besides many interesting single visitors, a squadron rotation of RAF 617sq 'Dambusters' Tornado's, a squadron rotation of Spanish Ala15 EF18A Hornets and the exercise 'Strong Nut' which represented a Spanish Ala15 EF18A Hornet detachment and a RAF 12sq Buccaneer S2B detachment.

The squadron rotations always represented 4 - 6 aircraft temporarily being based at Volkel AB flying daily missions. Mostly for 1 or 2 weeks. The RAF 12sq brought several Buccaneers and one of their Hunters(!). The rotations were always with a specific F16 squadron of Volkel AB, which at their own turn went for rotation to the home base of the foreign squadron.

Next to all Dutch types which I saw at Grave/ Volkel AB I also spotted many French Etendards, Canadian CF18 Hornets, US F111E's, British Tornado's, a British Hunter, French Mirage 5's, Italian F104's, US C-9, US F15's and a British Phantom and Jetstream.


1991 Ede Wageningen Landmachtdagen

1991 Twenthe air show