Market Garden 2022

As said on the other report Falcon Leap 2022 that exercises ended with the grande finale at the Ginkelse Heide (West of Arnhem). At this location the 1944 operation Market Garden is commemorated on a yearly base. Every year has other types and nationalities of participating aircraft. 2022 brought an authentic (DC3) Dakota in World War 2 RAF colors and as paratrooper aircraft US Texas Air National Guard C130J's, a RAF C130, Romanian Air Force C27J Spartan and a Polish C295.

This day had a heavy rain front hanging over the Western part of Holland - the boundary lay exactly over Eindhoven air base! Market Garden flying events in the West (Seppe) were cancelled due to heavy rain/ winds - fortunately the drop at the Ginkelse Heide and mass take-off were still a go.