2001 Kleine Brogel NATO Tigermeet

The JBG32 Tiger c/s Tornado ECR truly was a work of art. JBG32 brought a total of 5 Tornado ECR's and their sister Luftwaffe Tiger squadron AG51 brought another 4 Tornado's. A lone F4F Phantom of Hopsten JG72 joined its fellow Luftwaffe colleagues. 

One of the most epic NATO Tigermeets I attended - actually all are superb...

This one brought 26 attending Tiger squadron aircraft and a staggering total of 35 visitors (21 of these non-Belgian), supplemented by another 16 locally based F16's.

The French Armee de l'Air attended with two Tiger squadrons: 2 Mirage F1's of EC5/330 and 4 Mirage 2000's of EC1/12.

A beautifully all-over adorned Portuguese Alpha Jet A of 301Esquadron was also present, together with two Dutch F16's of 313sq and a RAF Puma HC1 of 230sq.

Among the large amount of visiting aircraft (which shows the high interest in NTM's among the pilots community) were some really interesting aircraft. The Americans visited with a Strike Eagle of Lakenheath and the Spangdahlem 52FW attended with a total of 6(!) A10A's which performed overshoots - a flight of 4 and a second flight of2 - which included their 52nd Group commander aircraft.

Many other aircraft attended the NTM2001 at Kleine-Brogel. Among them Tiger squadrons without special Tiger c/s aircraft: Czech Mi24 Hinds and Turkish F16's. French visitors included an Alpha Jet, Embraer 312F and two Jaguar A's(!). A Swiss Mirage 3RS was one of the highlights!

Another really special visitor was a Luftwaffe MiG29G. In 1988-1989 20 Mig29A's and 4 MiG29UB's were delivered to the East German Luftstreitkrafte NVA. After Germany reunited in 1990 the 24 MiG29's, with their East German fighter pilots, started their career flying for the NATO Luftwaffe JG73, being upgraded to MiG29G standard. Many NATO members got the opportunity to practise combat against this Russian main fighter. In 2004 all 24 aircraft were tranferred to their new NATO ally Poland.