2022 July 10th: Ursel Avia 

Really nice small event with really cool participants! It is exactly the small scale organisation of this event what makes it interesting and nice - hopefully they can keep it this way. Although personally I did not had much time to attend this airshow I managed to photograph and see some cool aircraft. This event is a sort of a mix between airshow/ family event/ (civilian) fly-in - which is exactly what the participants represent: a mixture of historical military/ civilian aircraft from different era's.

This year a collection of several Word War 2 aircraft, the Classic Formation quartet, modern historical and operational aircraft and a wide range of other civilian/ ex-military aircraft of other era's attended this event. 

The Classic Formation consists of a 1943 built C47A and three Expeditor 3's all in shiny bare metal outfit!:

A pair of other really cool aircraft are two Pilatus P3 training aircraft also in bare (polished) metal Swiss AF livery:

World War 2 warbirds:

And a mixture of other historical/ modern military/ civilian aircraft; one cool participant was the Sea King HAR3, which is owned by the Historic Helicopters organisation as G-SKNG which I saw flying operationally 20 years ago.... time flies!