Air Defender 2023 Hohn

Hohn airbase 

Hohn airbase was a 'sleeping' airbase activated especially for Air Defender 2023. Formerly operating C160 Transalls of LTG63 this airbase has a single runway which can be entirely seen from the Southern side - perfect for photographing!This was also for me personally the best airbase during this exercise: it would operate large numbers of Air National Guard F15 Eagles and US Navy Super Hornets and Growlers of the USS Gerald R. Ford!Next to these exotic types/ units a number of Finnish (legacy) Hornets and British RAF Typhoons operated out of Hohn. 

The US Navy aircraft consisted of some special aircraft; one of them being the (Growler) CAG-bird. The ANG Eagles also came with two aircraft with other (very rare/ special) unit markings: one with ZZ (Kadena airbase - Japan) and one with OT (Nellis AFB, 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron) markings - both never seen in Europe.