Soesterberg Militaire Luchtvaart Museum

The so called Militaire Luchtvaart Museum was situated in Kamp Zeist between Soest and Zeist. It was the dedicated Dutch Air Force museum until 2013, when it was closed and its collection trasnferred to the current National Military Museum on the former Soesterberg air base terrain. Since it was dedicated only to the air force the collection was a bit more extended than the current air force related expositions  of the Soesterberg museum - which has a global armed forces collection.

Some of the aircraft though, like the 32nd FS F-15A, were located outside; which wasn't too good for their preservation. Funny thing about this specific F-15A is the fact that I saw it flying operational - the old Zeist museum and the current NMM is in fact a different F-15A, 74-0083, which is painted as the 32nd FS CO bird!

To the left the real 77-0132/CR 32nd TFS at Gilze-Rijen air base 1992; I saw it flying quite often around Volkel air base and my howetown of Grave during the 90's - mark the differences of the 32nd Wolfhound symbol and text between the original and the duplicate.

The F-15A 74-0083 of Hawaii ANG (HH - Hickham AFB, 199th TFS) painted as 77-0132/CR in the centre at the Zeist Museum 2001 and to the right in the NMM 2022.

Two more pics of the 'fake' 32nd FS F-15A at the Zeist museum.

The old museum at Kamp Zeist, only had two pictures made inside. During my youth in the 80's/early 90's I visited the museum for the first time. As can be seen below, and in the previous photographs, most of the aircraft in the old museum are still present in the current NMM, although generally better preserved.

MiG-21PFM 'Fishbed' red 47, c/n 940MS13, was used by the Soviet Air Force before becoming a gateguard at a the Soviet airbase of Kluczewo in Poland. Kluczewo airbase had a Soviet Regiment of Su-27 Flankers based before it was closed in 1992. Poland became a NATO partner and this MiG-21PFM ended up in the Dutch museum at Soesterberg, complete with original AA-2 Atol air-to-air missiles.


The F-104G D-8245 served with the 311sq/312sq at Volkel airbase between 1964-1984. It was used as gateguard at the KMA Breda 1984-1994 before being transferred to the MLM at Soesterberg - were this photograph was made. Since 2003 the D-8245 is set on a pole next to highway A28, still in the original 312sq colors it once flew!

The F-27-300M C-10 was in its original, realy cool demo c/s when this photograph was made at the MLM. As most aircraft it was transferred to the new NMM. Now it is displayed in the original F-27 brown/grey camo c/s - I preferred the demo c/s...

The Spitfire LFIX is a replica of the MJ881/3W-B - and is still in the NMM.


Three 'US Air Force' heritage aircraft at the former MLM museum - and all three transferred and still on exhibit at the new NMM. Originally they are NOT USAF though...

The F-84F Sabre is from origin a Portuguese Air Force aircraft no.307 - it is painted in 32nd FIS colors of Soesterberg used between 1954-1956. The F-100D Super Sabre is an USAF aircraft (s/n 54-2265) - although from Lakenheath AFB (UK), repainted in 32nd TFS colors used during the years 1956-1960 and with fake s/n.  This F-100D has a most interesting career. It was put into USAFE service in 1956 based at the 45th DFS Sidi Slimane (Morocco), 48th TFW Bolhaut (Morocco) - Chaumont AFB (France) - Wheelus AFB (Libya) - Torrejon AFB (Spain). Between 1959 and 1976 it leaves the USAFE and serves with the Armee de l'Air! - EC3 and EC2/11, before returning back to USAFE. Until 1984 it is in use at Sculthorpe AFB (UK) with the 48th TFW. In 1984 the F-100D was withdrawn from use and placed as gateguard at Wethersfield AFB 20th TFW. It was once again transported, this time to RAF Bentwaters and destined for AMARC (CONUS) and stored as USAF Museum property. In 1996 it ended up as exhibit of the MLM in Holland. Remarkable service history of a remarkable aircraft!

The F-102A Delta Dagger is originally the 61052 which was used by the Greek Air Force (HAF). After being withdrawn from use it was stored in Greece before being obtained by the MLM in 1996. It is displayed in 32nd FIS colors of Soesterberg which used the Delta Dagger between 1960 and 1969.

The truth about these three realy cool '32nd' heritage fighter jets is that we are looking at a Portuguese, mixed USA/French and Greek originating aircraft. The original colors would be very special too - but to supplement the 32nd TFS history on the (NMM located) airbase of Soesterberg these three are even more essential!