The Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) found its origins in 1978 and was first held at the Furstenfeldbruck airbase in Germany. This exercise is held to improve NATO allies in combined operations (COMAO) using contemporary tactics and to ensure all allies are able to lead their fellow members into combat. Scenarios adapted over the years the ever changing global situations. In 1979 the TLP moved to Jever airbase (Germany)  at which it stayed until 1989 when it moved to Florennes airbase (Belgium) - by then it had trained over 2.000 NATO pilots.

From 1989 to 2009 the exercise was held at Florennes until it moved to Albacete airbase (Spain) where it is still held (2022).

During the TLP period at Florennes I visited the airbase a couple of times. The TLP was held 6 times a year during which I visited TLP2002/3 on Monday 24-06-2002 and made this photo report.

As can be seen on some photographs these had to be scanned and (unfortunately) adjusted afterward by using photoshop in order to be the most representative. 3 birds had the luck to be shot at a scarce sunny single moment.

02-08-2001 was a very cloudy day - no sun at all with thick clouds. Photographing was not at its best. Still the participants were magnificent: 2 special c/s RCAF CF18's: one completely checkered as 441TFS and the other with special tail for 30 years 1 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.

Besides a third 'normal' CF18A and Spanish EF18's also two RAF Harrier GR7's participated.

'Tornado Ally' consisted of RAF Tornado GR1's/ GR1A (recce) and 'old two tone c/s' MFG1 Marineflieger Tornados.

Other participants of the TLP2001-3 were the USAF(E) Lakenheath F15E's, Aviano F16C's and Spangdahlem F16C's. The French brought four Mirage 2000's of two different squadrons and the Turkish flew F16's - wit a surprise support visiting C160 Transall. As alwasy very welcome were the unique Italian F104S-ASA-M Starfighters.