This year was the epic Volkit exercise which saw 'Tophatters' US Navy F14 Tomcats attending. Besides this the Ample Train exercise and Gilze Rijen air show were held.

On Volkel AB I spotted several squadron rotations: RAF 12sq was once again present with their Buccaneers, RAF 208sq also had a rotation with Buccaneers end very interesting the Portuguese Air Force (FAP) mad a rotation with A7P and TA7P Corsairs! Besides these many other single visitors made their passes at Volkel AB and over my hometown of Grave.

Also the RAF squadrons at Laarbruch AB switched from Tornado's to Harriers, which made changed of the weekly flights over my house in Grave to this new aircraft type. This year I also spotted many US CH47's and UH1's (supporting the annual Nijmeegse 'Vierdaagse'), an Italian C130, French C160 Transal, Turkish F16's, a British Hs748 Andover, NATO AWACS'es, US F15's (also from EG-Eglin deployment) and a C-9, British Hawks, the Vulcan B2 (heading to and from air shows), Belgian Alpha Jets, US C141B's, C5's and C130's, British Harriers, a German RF4E, British Tornado F3's, US B52's (low level base attacks), German F4F's, many British Buccaneers and a Hunter.


1992 Volkel exercise Ample Train

1992 Gilze Rijen air show

1992 Volkel rotation 208sq Buccaneers

1992 Volkel exercise Volkit