2018 Flugausstellung Hermeskeil

The Flugasstellung Hermeskeil is a private collection which is exhibited as a museum. It houses quite a large amount of very interesting historical aircraft; besides this it also has a good indoor collection of vintage technology - including helmets/ gear, cockpit instrument  panels/ instruments and a HUD collection. Click the banner below for the museum webpage:

The military (fighter) aircraft of this museum is quite substantial. US, German, Swedish, British, Italian, Belgian and more nationalities are all represented - some aircraft have a different heritage: like the F102 which is originally a Greek Air Force (!) aircraft. Not all aircraft (outside) are in the best shape; which doesn't make them anyless interesting!

Some helicopters can also be seen. The Britsh Royal Army Scout and Navy Wasp stand out.

And of course plenty of former Warschau-pact aircraft and helo's. Polish produced PZL MiG's, and a SM1, ande besides the usual MiG21/23/Mi8's there are also some rare types: like the Hungarian PZ SM1 and the Polish Il14.

Some rare types and collections also adorn this  museum: like the F+W C3605 Target Tower, several heritage civilian jet airliners and a large collection of all kind of instruments, instrument panels, HUD's and pilot gear of all types.