2022 GLV-5 Low Flying area

One of the best accessible (and coolest to photograph) low flying helicopter area’s in the Netherlands is the GLV-V (Gebied Laag Vliegen 5) located near the Oirschot army barracks West of Eindhoven airbase. Dutch DHC Cougars, Chinooks and Apaches of Gilze-Rijen airbase are common visitors. Exercises range from almost any possible helicopter operation – including landing physically on the (sandy) ground. In the centre of the area, in the middle of the sand dunes, a makeshift compound is located, used for training. Around this spot normally is the most activity. It is advised to wear a yellow or orange jacket in order to be visible/ identified as civilian by the helicopter and army crews. By doing this you will not be interfering their training and make sure the area keeps accessible by civilians in the future!

There are several other websites of aircraft enthusiasts which give even more impressions of the GLV-V. Some of these are:





The Dutch Armed Forces have their own website dedicated to photographing. On their GLV-V page a lot of information can be found:


When I visited the GLV-V an Apache and Chinook were exercising in the area. The Apache was flying low circuits down to about 25 feet. The Chinook was landing on several occasions flying small circuits. The photographs give a good impression: