1994 was the final year I would practice my hobby's - due to personal reasons I would continue aircraft spotting from the year 2000.

This year would once again bring some (personal) fantastic aircraft events. It was the first time I attended the RIAT Fairford (by 'Scramble-reizen'), seeing a Russian Bear-F for the first (and most likely only) time. Besides the Laarbruch family day and Leeuwarden AB airshow I also managed to see many Volkel AB visitors and aircraft overflying my home in Grave.

 At Volkel AB I would see a RAF (dual seat) Jaguar T2 and visiting Soesterberg AB I witnessed a Swedish rotation with Saab J35F Drakens of F10 and a J32 Lansen and C130.

1994 RIAT Fairford air show

1994 RAF Laarbruch family day

1994 Leeuwarden air show

1994 Volkel operational