Luik-Bierset Heli-meeting 2001

Before 2009 the Belgian Army used Luik-Bierset airbase for their A109 air component as wel as a number of Alouette II's and BN2 Islanders. The airbase had a large shelter area in the North West. Today that area has been replaced by large aprons for civilian transport aircraft. Some old shelters are still present on the North Eastern part.

The Belgian Army 16 Bn HLn and 17/ 18 Bn HATk units were based here as well as the SLV training unit. The  BN2 Islanders were still operational during this period.

The Belgians once again proved themselves superb organizers of these events: many nations attended; the UK sent multiple Sea Kings and other helo's/ aircraft, most outstanding were a Norwegian Sea King, Slovenian Bell412, Slovakian Mi24's and Mi17 and even a Russian (civilian) Mi26 !

Weather this day was lousy - so some photographs needed to be touched up after scanning in order to make them a bit more visually representative.

UIS Army UH60L with the intersting nose-art "48" "Skill not Luck"

Dutch nostalgia: Bo105CB in anniversary c/s and MARHELI SH14D Lynx - both in operational status.