2022 ADS-B

ADS-B Exchange is a must nowadays to keep track of any interesting aircraft passing by. Years ago it was unimaginable to be able to do this - and even more on your cellphone! When I had the opportunity I made some 600mm photographs of some of the most interesting aircraft passing by:

Cavok Air Antonov 12 UR-CKM flying between Sweden and Oostende (Belgium).

Antonov 26 UR-CQE of Vulkan Air enroute from Belgium to the UK.

Departed after the RIAT 2022 Fairford was this Austrian EF2000 7L-WI.

Airbus A3ST Beluga F-GSTD enroute to the Airbus facility at Hamburg.

And another Airbus: a A330 Beluga XL, F-GXLJ, enroute to the same facility.