Falcon Leap 2022

The annual Falcon Leap exercise held at Eindhoven airbase as usual had several foreign transport aircraft participating. The large para droppings were performed during two weeks on several area's. At the end of these weeks the grand finale was performed on the Ginkelse Heide area where the World War 2 Market Garden operation is commemorated.

During these two weeks, this year a couple of different nationalities and aircraft were rotated. On this particular day, the 8th of September, only an Italian Hercules and a Polish C295 were present. 

Later on more aircraft would arrive, including a Romanian C27 and three US ANG Herculeses. See the Market Garden 2022 report.

The aircraft were also daily visible on ADBS and I noted the US ANG C130's arriving in Holland for the exercise when they overflew my hometown.

During the day AH64D Q-17 arrived. I always had some time to make some close-ups of the A330MRTT T-057 .