Welcome to Jarnob.nl a site dedicated to my personal photo reports. Military aircraft and world war 2 related topics have been my primary (amateur) hobby interests. Since 2015 I added a third hobby, metal detecting, which on itself also has links to my previous two interests. By publishing my photographs through this website I share my findings and some knowledge - since many people I came to know throughout the years expressed their interest in my findings. And of course, I am always very interested in findings, knowledge and experiences of fellow enthusiasts! Have fun!

I started my first interest at the very early age of 12. After visiting the "75 years KLu" air show at Deelen. Visiting Volkel AB for the very first time made me realize there existed more jet types than just F16's when i witnessed two Canadian CF18's taking off in full afterburner - I was immediately hooked on fuel and afterburners.

Since then i visited many air shows, exercises, rotations and deployments; unfortunately i did not make any photographs of many 90's events I witnessed.

Nevertheless those photographs I managed to produce still give a good impression of this fighter jet abundant 90's era. Forgive the bad shape of some early images; as a child i did not realize anything yet about shutter times and apertures! - they will get better throughout the years.

During the 90's and early 00's I used an analogue Canon camera with 400mm lens. From 2006 to 2021 I used a Canon 500D with several lenses up to 300mm. Right now I own a Sony RX10 28-600mm.

The second interest officially started even earlier than my military aircraft interest. Both my grandfathers served in the KNIL even before world war 2 started and several uncles and other family members also served in the Dutch army. I grew up with heroic war stories and history books.

This interest developed into seriously exploring and studying world war 2 related topics. Resulting into quite an original photographic collection and collection of very specific books.

My primary interest became German tanks, and all units and divisions involved from the interbellum all the way into 1945. This made me visiting many European museums, battlefields and events.

Finally metal detecting became a third hobby since 2015 when i met some colleagues with same interests. At first common Dutch historical findings were prime interests. This developed into coins.

And.... into topics of my previous hobby's, finding (world war 2) aircraft crash sites and battlefields. Expanding into more ancient battlefields of the Spanish sieges, French sieges, Napoleonic armies, 1800 era army's field camps and exercise area's.