Welcome to Jarnob.nl a site dedicated to my personal photo reports. Military aircraft and world war 2 related topics have been my primary (amateur) hobby interests. Since 2015 I added a third hobby, metal detecting, which on itself also has links to my previous two interests. By publishing my photographs through this website I share my findings and some knowledge - since many people I came to know throughout the years expressed their interest in my findings. And of course, I am always very interested in findings, knowledge and experiences of fellow enthusiasts! Have fun!

The World War 2/ Tanks interest officially started even earlier than my military aircraft interest. Both my grandfathers served in the KNIL even before world war 2 started and several uncles and other family members also served in the Dutch army. I grew up with heroic war stories and history books.

This interest developed into seriously exploring and studying world war 2 related topics. Resulting into quite an original photographic collection and collection of very specific books.

My primary interest became German tanks, and all units and divisions involved from the Interbellum all the way into 1945. This made me visiting many European museums, battlefields and events.

Finally metal detecting became a hobby since 2015 when i met some colleagues with same interests. At first common Dutch historical findings were prime interests. This developed into coins.

And.... into topics of my previous hobby's, finding (world war 2) aircraft crash sites and battlefields. Expanding into more ancient battlefields of the Spanish sieges, French sieges, Napoleonic armies, 1800 era army's field camps and exercise area's.

The reason why my website is named jarnob is not because of referring to myself as a person!

I am active on many international trading sites and forums since 2001 on which I always used the same account name: ‘jarnob’ – a simple deviation of my real name. When discussing/ researching certain topics of my collections it is necessary to share photographs. One cannot avoid this. Sharing on different forums and sites was always done on all kind of manners or programs. And this took a LOT of time.

To make this easier I started my first website in 2016 using the same name as my account names (jarnob) to make it more logically to find for fellow enthusiasts. This way I just needed to share an already existing link and that’s it. This is the original purpose of my website. Since then its purpose expanded into sharing photo reports and information about my hobby’s in advance.


Through this website are several banner links to museums and other webpages giving information about certain topics or forums. I also use some (very limited) images from these websites and refer to these.

Veteranen hebben ons land gediend tijdens oorlogen, gewapende conflicten en vredesmissies. Daarvoor verdienen zij erkenning en waardering vanuit onze samenleving. Het Nederlands Veteranen Instituut zet zich hier voor in alsmede zorg wanneer benodigd. Klik op de banner links voor de website.

Veterans served our country during wars, armed conflicts and peace keeping missions. They deserve recognition and respect from our society. The Dutch Veterans Institute commits itself for this purpose and support. Select the banner on the left for their website.

New additions on www.jarnob.nl

10-2023 updates

Updated 131sq EMVO page with some current badges. Also started 2023 photo report topics; most are still under construction and will be updated asap! 

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10-2022 Adding 2022 reports

Started adding a large number of 2022 reports which will take some months to complete! Several exercises like Frisian Flag 2022, Falcon Leap 2022 and Falcon Autumn 2022 but also some airshows like Ursel Avia and Sanicole and airbase operational hours visits.

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(15.04-now) Started adding and fine-tuning multiple reports

Started adding 1963/64 UK Airshow reports and fine tuning multiple photo reports like Frisian Flag 2004, Hopsten Flugtag 2001 40 years JG72, Kleine Brogel COMAO's and NATO Tiger Meet reports, Hopsten operational and exercise Clean Hunter and more. Adding airshow badges of specific years all the way from Deelen 1988 on.

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