Tanks in Museums

During my many museum visits I photographed several tanks in detail. The tank will also be depicted in one single photograph in the ‘Museums’ topic; in this topic however I will post all detailed photographs per type.

I sorted the photographs per tank type: click on the specific photograph-link to be directed to all tank photographs I made per specimen from that type.

All side view drawings used for the links are property of www.tanks-encyclopedia.com - recommended for the best tank information!


Panzer 38(t)


Panzerkampfwagen I 


Panzerkampfwagen III

Sturmgeschutz III

Panzerkampfwagen IV

Sturmgeschutz IV

Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar

Jagdpanzer IV

Panzerkampfwagen V Panther


Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger

Sturmpanzer VI Sturmtiger

Panzerkampfwagen VIB Konigstiger early turret

Panzerkampfwagen VIB Konigstiger



I will not discuss the many tank type sub-models since many professional websites and books are already dedicated to this topic. I would merely want to redirect you to the best ones in my opinion: