2007 Volkel air show

The 2007 Dutch 'KLu open dag' airshow brought several interesting aircraft types. The Turkish Stars performed for the first time in the Netherlands and they flew former KLu NF5A/B's. Some of which I spotted in the 90's in service of our own air force.

Besides the Turkish Stars several other demo teams attended the show, these were the Breitling Team (L39's), Swiss PC7 Team and Patrouile de France (Alpha Jet's). During this show 3 fly-worthy Hunters were present: Hunter T8C in KLu c/s as 'N-321' (G-BWGL, former RAF XF357) and two Hunter F58's - both former Swiss air force - which flew a demo together. One was in the original Swiss air force c/s as J-4082 and the other (former J-4073) in Swedish air force c/s as '34071/29'.

Many other single aircraft were static or flew a demo; most noteably a USAF A10A, RN Jetstream T2, Polish An26, USN P3C of VP45, AFRC KC135R. Pilatus PC21 demonstrator, Spanish CN235, French Super Etendard and C160R Transall and many others...