2004 Heteren-Driel Market Garden memorials

Part of the annualy commemorated “Market Garden” operation in 2004 was an event on a field near Heteren-Driel (West of Anrhem) – this year the Market Garden had its 60th Anniversary (1944-2004). An Alouette III was returning landed paratroopers back to their base. Two (old types)  KLu CH47D Chinooks dropped Dutch soldiers accompanied by an SFOR marked AS532 Cougar. A flight of C130’s (from several different air forces) passed by towards the Ginkelse Heide, where another memorial took place, while one of them dropped Polish paratroopers on this field near Driel. One of the paratroopers was carrying a Polish flag while another made a dual jump with a Polish world war 2 paratrooper veteran which had participated in the combat jump of September 1944.

The flight of C130’s had departed from Eindhoven airbase and consisted of two RAF C-130K’s and two C-130J’s, the USAF send a MC-130P and MC-130H. A seventh Dutch C-130 completed the flight. Besides the Hercules’s a Czech An-26 and civilian DC-3 and C-47 participated.

Aircraft on the photographs:

  • XV199 / 199 Hercules C3 70sq
  • XV301 / 301 Hercules C3   
  • XV202 / 202 Hercules C3
  • ZH886 / 886 Hercules C5
  • ZH866 / 866 Hercules C4                 
  • G-273 C130H-30  334sq   old c/s
  •              AS532U2 SFOR markings
  • D-667 CH47D
  • D-661 CH47D
  • A-275  Alouette III