13 september 2021 Kleine Brogel spottersday Sanicole

During the Sanicole Airshow a lot of the partcipating aircraft flew out of airbase Kleine Brogel. Besides this Kleine Brogel also hosted a Tigermeet 'XTM' - which was not an official (full) annual NTM, but since everyone had waited for so long during the Covid pandemic this was a well appreciated event! 

Monday 13 september was the final (departure) day of this three days event. Therefore transport aircraft  from several countries attended and the local F16's flew missions and fly by's.

Tornado's always were one of my personal favorites. One of the Luftwaffe Tornado's made a nice departure while to other one malfunctioned and stayed behind. 

This was not the only bird with problems - one of the Austrian Typhoons also had a bad day.

Of course Falcons were presented by several countries: the beautifully weathered Greek versions, the Portuguese with their very nice tiger tail, the Polish with their grey/grey tiger c/s and the Kleine Brogel based Belgian.

Most interesting helo's were the Czech Mi17Sh and Mi35 Hind. The Hind was well adorned with a special (Tiger) c/s commemorating world war 2 aircraft. The well-known special c/s A109 was also present.

And many many more aircraft which could be photographed nicely on this sunny day!