UK airshows photo album 1963-1964

By chance I managed to buy a photo album created by an unknown photographer/ aircraft enthusiast during the 60’s. It was up for trade without any information who made it. The photographs in this album are (in my opinion) really rare since spotters did not really exist yet around this period and even less photographers – the aircraft types depicted are superb!

Therefore I would like to publish the photo’s online to share them with fellow enthusiasts – with credits to this unknown person! (I don’t think he/ she could ever imagine the photographs being published on the internet (even more completely unimaginable in the 60’s) for about 60 years later…)

The photographs are al in black/ white and with quite decent settings. I tried to cut the album photo corners as much as possible; unfortunately some photographs have some important details or landscape perspective which would be lost by this – so some have (parts of) these corner visible.

The album consists of several different airshows, all in the South-Western region of the United Kingdom – Farnborough being the most remote.


Some highlights of all these shows: