On this page I will publish some of my most interesting private collection authentic world war 2 tank photographs with extended information. Tanks which I photographed at museums visits and/ or events are also depicted in the museum pages.

My collection has some very rare photographs, some of which are the only known existing single photographs at this time. Therefore these are quite wanted and have a good value. Unfortunately several people trade in illegal copies. To avoid my photographs to enter these illegal circuits I will never publish the complete image (only cropped), and will ad trademarks over some distinctive areas - regrettably I will have to do so. If there is any interest  for someone to see/ have/ publish the entire photograph contact me by using the form on the Home page.


For the best possible information and expertise I would like to redirect you to Axishistory Forum which has many experts waiting to reply any answers! They always are a great help to me (link):