1992 Volkel exercise Volkit

An unique (only once) held exercise in November 1992 was Volkit. This brought an US Navy participation of F14 Tomcats (VF14) and FA18 (VFA37) Hornets from the USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier. Even for those days a rare treat. Both VF14 and VFA37 brought their commander .00 aircraft with full color squadron markings(all Tomcats were color)

Besides these US Navy aircraft also present were RAF Buccaneers, German Marineflieger Tornado's - some in old white/grey camo- and Canadian Baden-Sollingen Hornets.
Unfortunately my photographs are very blurred... - I did not have a telephoto lens myself and had borrowed one especially for this day. Of course i did not know how to use it properly.


*Formation 1 consisted of F16A J-059 315sq, CF18A 188760 439sq, Buccaneer S2B XV867/867 208sq, Tornado 43+88 MFG1, AF18C 164238/305-AC, F14A 160881/105-AC, F16A J-362 314sq.

*Formation 2 had the same aircraft except the CF18A 188760 439sq.