18 september 2021 Seppe memorial Market Garden

Seppe airport, also known as Breda airport, is located just West of Breda. Next to many private aircraft it also houses the 'Seppe Vliegend Museum': the Flying Museum. Click the badge below for their website.

This museum own several (flying) aircraft, including two ex-RAF pre-ww2 Tiger Moths which were used pre-ww2 to train many ww2 allied arcrew. Both used the grass strips on Seppe airfield.

The Museum participated in the 2021 Market Garden memorial flypast and flew past and around several where allied aircraft crashed during ww2. 

Besides the 2 Tiger Moths the museum also houses two DHC1 Chipmunks, 2 Piper Cubs, a Piper Super Cub, an Auster V, Luscombe Silvaire and Saab Safir. During this event several aircraft of the Flying Museum were reserved for visitors to attend an half hour trip for a small fee.

Many other historical aircraft of other airports/ organisations attended this event as can be seen below.