WW2 Battlefields

In the Netherlands many World War 2 battlefields can be searched – be advised: most are in areas where it is prohibited to search by metal detector or to even enter by foot. Some findings, like aircraft canon cartridges, can be found anywhere – even on old fields.


Another piece of advice: when searching areas where heavy battles raged you will ALWAYS find live ammunition! Be careful with these.

*NEVER dig up or move small or large cartridges/ rounds if you don’t know for sure if it is a spend or live case.

*If an unsure piece of ammunition is dug up: contact the police for EOD (Explosieven Opruimings Dienst/ Bomb Squad). Do not worry that the police gives any problem, first of all it is more important the ammunition does not kill or wound any person/child/animal. Second of all you can always say you saw it laying around and you did not dig it up yourself!

*I will give a small determination chart how to recognize live ammo.


I will not inform about any findings places, besides this I do not have any live ammo in my collection – I contacted police for these. The cartridges in my showcases are empty, spent cartridges without a live firing cap.


WW2 German relics

WW2 Allied relics

WW2 Live Ammunition

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