Panzermuseum Munster


The Panzermuseum Munster is the Armoured Warfare History museum of Germany. Located near the Munster Army Training grounds, which are in use since the Prussian Army of 1891. During ww1 and ww2 ammunition factories and testing grounds were situated here. After ww2 the training facilities are intensively used by Tank/ Armoured units. (select the link below for their website:)

The Erwin Rommel uniform turned out to be a fake – it was not used by him. This once again proves the importance of recognizing fakes and the extensive research of items.

Due to the large amount of tank exhibits I will only show one photograph of each German panzer. The sub-menu 'Tanks in Museums' will show specific close ups of these tanks.

Practically all types are present: Panzer I, Panzer III, Panzer III, Panzer IV, Panzer V Panther, Panzer VIB Konigstiger, Panzer 38(t), Sturmtiger, Brummbar, Jagdpanzer IV, Jagdpanther, Sturmgeschutz and a Hetzer.

Non-tracked/ half-tracked and other German vehicles are also prestend. Among these a Kettenkrad, RSO PaK, Krupp Protze, several PaK/ FlaK types, Borgward and Goliath remote controlled explosive carriers, Schwimmagen, Stummel and more.

German World War 2 small arms and MG's are also shown in the museum. All types and sub types are presented as well as several in disassembled parts showcase.

Besides the German panzers allied tanks and some post World War 2 tanks supplement the museum.