• Tank Type : Munitionspanzer CV33/3 L3 731(i)
  • D.U.P. : Panzer Munitionszug 610
  • Paper : Agfa-Lupex, double underlining

A total of 74 Austrian (Italian built) CV33 L3’s were taken over when Austria was occupied in 1938. Panzer Regiment 33 used these for a while before these were transferred to training duties. 9 of these were modified to Munitionspanzers and used by Panzer Munitionszug 610.

The sloped cartridges on the rear side compartment were manually controlled from inside the panzer. They could be released at the spot where ammunition was needed. In this manner the crew didn’t have to leave the panzer – avoiding being wounded/killed during the ammunition resupply of troops.

It looks like there are 2 rows of 4 muntionspanzers and 1 separate munitionspanzer parked on this photograph – although one munitionspanzer is not visible. This would mean ALL 9 modified munitionspanzers are visible on this photograph. There are only 3 pictures (including this one) known of this model. Making this a very rare and valuable photograph. German cross on the most left munitionspanzer is clearly visible.

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