• Tank Type : Muntionspanzer 38(t)
  • Writing : “Auf Dem Funkerwagen.”

Very rare photograph of a turretless Panzer 38(t). Almost none of these photographs exist in the international trade market. This photograph depicts a Panzer 38(t) with its turret removed. It has the distinct front side with a bolted structure. The hull MG has been removed and covered with a plate. The top side is completely open. The driver can be seen hanging over the frontside. In the back are two soldiers – the left one wearing the early style black panzer outfit and the right one in a (Wehrmacht) field gray outfit. Both are using headphones attached to the radio which the soldier in field gray is operating!!! This radio is very clearly visible – as is the antennae behind the right soldier. Remarkable is this setting and the note ‘Funkerwagen’ on the back – no official Panzer 38(t) model is known as being turretless and being used as communications vehicle.

It is stated however that the official Munitionspanzer 38(t)’s were modifiable for all sorts of functions – normally carrying ammo for likewise small artillery panzers, but upgraded for other purposes when needed. This photograph is taken from the back of another panzer.

On the back of this panzer is a rhomboid shape visible which carried the vehicle number in the early stages of the war. 102 Panzer 38(t)’s were converted to Muntionspanzer 38(t)’s in 1944.

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