• Tank : Panzer 35(t),“Tiger”, “84”, No. SS55684 ‘Tiger’
  • Unit : SS-Division Totenkopf, 3-SS-T-AA (3rd SS-Pz.Reg.)
  • Place : France, May 1940 (or slightly later)

Two Wehrmacht soldiers posing with a knocked-out Panzer 35(t). One soldier sits on top of the panzer while the other one sits in the driver place. Looks like this Panzer 35(t) took a hit from the right front side upon its tracks. The turret MG as well as the front hull MG have been removed – to be used in battle/as spares.

3-SS-T-AA was equipped with 6 Panzer 35(t)’s which saw their first action against English tanks on the 21st of May 1940 in the attack towards Cambrai – France – during Fall Gelb. On the 29th of May ALL 6 Panzer 35(t)’s had been destroyed; after which 3-SS-T-AA switched over to captured French tanks.

The Totenkopf symbol can be seen to the left of the Balkan Kreuz in white; left of the Totenkopf symbol is the name of this particular tank written in black / dark colored paint: “Tiger”. All 6 Panzer 35(t)’s had their own name: ‘Lowe’, ‘Panther’, ‘Geier’, ‘Habicht’, ‘Sperber’ and ‘Tiger’.

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