Tank Type       :           Panzer II Ausführung L "Luchs"

Superb scene of a "Luchs" passing by on the Eastern Front.

Only 100 Luches were produced during World War 2. These served on the Eastern front and Western front (Normandy). Although initially planned for several divisions only one division can be confirmed: the 4th Panzer Division. The Luchs on this photograph, no. '42', has exactly the same number type as on the confirmed division.

Characteristic for the Luchses used on the Eastern front were the quarter rounded, ribbed armor plates above the driver visor and radio operator visor and the extra 12mm armor plate on the front hull (which is thought to be a 4th Panzer Division field modification).

Also very good visible are the front hull spare tracks and the star-antennae. Notice the commander sticking is head out of the cupola and the camouflaged bag on the right fender.

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