• Tank Type       :           Panzerjager I KHD and Alkett version
  • Writing             :           “schw.panzerjager (mot. s.)”, “…….”, “juli 1941”
  • Paper               :           Agfa-lupex (double underlining)

The Panzerjager I was the very first German panzerjager type. 142 were produced (1940) by Alkett, the most common version, and was recognizable by it 5-sided cannon shield. This type is depicted on the right of the photograph above. 60 were produced by Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz (KHD) in 1940/1941 and are recognizable by the 7-sided cannon shield – the type depicted on the left.

Panzerjager I’s were used in independent fighting units (not attached to a panzer division) and 27 were used in Africa (DAK). By the end of 1942 all Panzerjager I’s, which were obsolete at this time, were lost.

Crewmembers/mechanics are serving the Panzerjager I’s on this photograph – the right panzerjager has its rear stowage bin opened.

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