• Tank Type       :           R-2 (Skoda LT vz35)
  • Writing             :           “10.5.41. Rum.schw.Tanks.”, “617.”, stamped: “UNI-FOTO Weiss”, “1641”, “Str.Regala 19.”
  • D/U/P               :           10 May 1941, 1st Armoured Division “Romania Mare”

126 LT vz35 light tanks were manufactured by the Czechoslovakian Skoda factory for Rumania. These were designated R-2 by Rumania. The one in the photograph is seen during the Romanian National day military parade of June the 10th. Behind it rides a R-1 tankette from which only 35 were ever produced.

Both tank commanders are looking behind them. Both wear lighter coloured uniforms with diagonal shoulder-waist straps and medal bars on their chests. Both wear dark coloured berets.

Rumania officially joined the axis powers in November 1940.

The 1st Armoured Division “Romania Mare” was assembled in April 1941 – just before the division joined the battle against Russia in June 1941. This photograph is dated just between these dates.

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