• Tank Type : Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. F ‘early’ (40/L43 canon)  
  • Writing : "Karl - Januar 1943"
  • Info : Summer 1943
  • D.U.P. : LSSAH
  • Paper : Agfa-Brovira (no underlining) – no traces of glue

Unique photograph of an interim ausführung type Sturmgeschutz - from the 1st Waffen-SS Division "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler"! I only saw the divisional symbol on the right fender after i bought this photograph. Somehow it did not stand out during the auction. I guess no one, even the seller, did see this marking! Normally panzer photographs with this marking are very high priced.

Ausf.A to E had the characteristic early type short barreled canon - roughly 820 panzers in total. Later Sturmgeschutzen had the long type barrel -  246x F 'late', 250x F/8 and 8.565x G. Only 120 Sturmgeschutzen, of the F 'early' type like depicted here, had a slightly shorter version of the long late type canon - making me at first mistaken it for a Sturmhaubitze. The left fender has the tactical marking for Stug Kompanie 3, although not entirely sharp.

This photograph came with a second photograph from the same lot. Later on I managed to buy two more photographs which seem to depict the some StuG, at the same moment, maybe from the same photographer or someone else.


  • Paper : Agfa-Brovira (no underlining)

Photograph of the same LSSAH Sturmgeschutz. On this one the production number (Fahrgestell.nr.) is visible: it starts with 9106. , which is correct since the first 120 panzers of the Ausf.F batch had this type of canon barrel; which had number 91035 to 91155.

Noticeably the soldier on this photograph looks the same as on the other LSSAH photograph, but on this photograph he misses the NCO stripes on his left arm! So maybe this is another person? If so then these persons must be brothers. Also the uniforms depicted are Heer - not Waffen-SS, which makes it more interesting. It could be soldiers visiting their Waffen-SS friends or family - which was common.


  • Tank Type : Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. F ‘early’ (40/L43 canon)  
  • Paper : Agfa-Brovira (no underlining)

1,5 years after buying photographs ST08 and ST09 I found two photographs of the same StuG III / same lot! Identified by the dirt spots on this panzer it is 100% sure the same tank. This time the unit panzer number ‘26’ is visible on the side of the panzer. This should be the 6th panzer of the 2nd platoon. Using two numbers instead of three can indicate just one company existed (no need for identification between companies). Or the company number was identifiable by the color of the numbers.


  • Tank Type : Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. F ‘early’ (40/L43 canon)  
  • Paper : Agfa-Brovira (no underlining)

Same information as with previous photograph ST12, ST08 and ST09. This time presumably with the original panzer crew on top – at least the panzerman just visible above the canon wearing panzer intercom headphones.


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