Pegasus Bridge museum


Pegasus Bridge museum is dedicated to the British 6th Airborne Division which captured the Benouville located bridge over the Caen Canal during the opening stages of D-Day. Afterward the bridge was named after the insignia of the 6th Airborne Division: a Pegasus.

Situated in this museum/ park are an original Horsa glider and the authentic bridge itself. (select the link below for the museum website:)

Entrance of the museum and exposition of the original bridge - which still has battlemarks as bullet holes and shrapnell cuts.

An original Horsa glider which participated in the raid of te 6th Airborne Division together with some expositions of the museum/ parc.

The original location of the Pegasus bridge.

A German defending PaK emplacement is still in place. A Cromwell tank memorial is nearby.