Normandy D-Day beaches

I visited the Normandy battlefields in 2009. This is one of the most famous battlefields of World War 2, both in heroic deeds as in tragedies. About D-Day, operation "Overlord", many books have been written and documentaries made. This year (2019) in which I add my photographs was the 75 years D-Day memorial events. Commemorations, Dakota parachute droppings/ fly-pasts and attendance of the last still living D-Day veterans are the centre of this years attention.  Many world leaders are also present. 

I am not going to explain D-Day and all operations - this should be basic knowledge (and if not you can Google information to infinity). I will just show my photograph collections, and if needed extra information, of the area's I visited. 

The first day I attended the Eastern Canadian/British sector, the second day mostly the American sector, and the final third day I committed to the German forces - mainly about the German panzer ace Michael Wittmann, since one of my biggest interests is about German armored vehicles.

It must be noted though that D-Day, 6th of june 1944, was followed by 7 weeks of the most intense and bitter fighting imaginable. It was not just that single famous day which announced the coming allied victory - but in reality those 7 weeks. During these weeks many other 'small' operations were performed and many tactical and strategic decisions were made by the defending Germans. Even the German superior armor/technology and high moral elite units could not prevent the determined Allies, which didn't gave any quarter, from gaining the upper hand.