Falaise pocket - Trun - Chambrois

As explained in the previous Cintheaux chapter operation ‘Totalize’ was executed in order to cut off a large number of German divisions (remnants of these) in order to annihilate them. This plan succeeded. Near the village of Falaise this pocket finally was closed – before this a number of German troops saw chance to escape. Most of the German divisions became trapped though.

To the east of Falaise a Polish division was battling German SS troops which desperately tried to break through the pocket in order to save their comrades. Fierce battles erupted but the Polish soldiers stood their ground – the pocket stayed closed.

It is estimated a total of 90.000 German troops were encircled. Around 35.000 managed to escape before the pocket was closed; 10.000 were killed and 45.000 were taken prisoner.

The destruction of the German army in the Falaise pocket announced their defeat. From now on the remaining German units fought a retreating battle, giving shape to other well-known battles still to come.