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Brussels Leger Museum

The Belgian Koninklijke Museum van het Leger en Krijgsgeschiedenis is located in the Jubelpakr of Brussel. The Jubelpark was erected by King Leopold II late 19th Century – a couple of exposition halls were included. In 1910/ 1923 the World Exposition was held in these halls and the museum was founded.

In these old halls the museum includes many ages of warfare – everything since the medieval ere, Austrian, French (Napoleon), World War 1, World War 2 well into the Belgian Congo 20th century conflict. It has a large hall full of aircraft and halls with many old arms and (armored) vehicles/ tanks. (select this link for their website:)

World War 1 tanks, artillery and equipment - the Red Baron Fokker is a replica.

World War 2 

World War 1 aircraft

Modern era military aircraft