• Tank : 6x Panzer II Ausfuhrung J, 2x Panzer III Ausfuhrung J, 12x Panzer IV Ausfuhrung F1 (short barrel), 9x Panzer IV Ausfuhrung F2 (long barrel)
  • D.U.P. : 1942, 1st SS “LSSAH” Panzer Division, France
  • Paper : Agfa-Brovira, double underlining

An unbelievable unique authentic photograph. After the SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler fought in all German battles as a (motorized) infantry division it got transferred to France were its ranks were replenished and were it was transferred to a formal Panzergrenadier Division.

There it would receive its first tanks in the newly formed 1st SS Panzer Regiment. This photograph shows a large part of this 1st SS Panzer Regiment in France at the moment it was created!


The next types of panzers are visible on this photograph:

Front row: Abteilung Stab

  • 2x Panzer IIIJ                missing: 1x Befehlspanzer III H
  • 3x Panzer IIF
  • Horch car
  • 2 motorcycles
  • 11 motorcycles with sidecars

Second row: 1st Kompanie

  • Stab:                            2x Panzer IIF    missing: 1x Panzer II F      Missing: 2x Panzer IV F1
  • 1e Zug (platoon):          4x Panzer IVF2
  • 2e Zug (platoon):           4x Panzer IVF1

Third row: 2e Kompanie

  • Missing Kompanie Stab: 3x Panzer  II F and 2x Panzer IV F1
  • 1e Zug (platoon):          4x Panzer IVF2
  • 2e Zug (platoon):           4x Panzer IVF1

Fourth row: 3e Kompanie

  • Missing Kompanie Stab: 3x Panzer  II F and 2x Panzer IV F1
  • 1e Zug (platoon):          1x Panzer IVF2             missing: 3x Panzer IV F2
  • 2e Zug (platoon):           4x Panzer IVF1


*The panzers on the 4th row (Panzer IV F2 and F1’s) all have a row of spare fuel jerrycans stacked on top of the front side turret.

*Note: the Panzer IV F2 on the fourth row to the most left seems to be dark grey colored – the same as the Panzer IV F1’s.

When searching on the internet you can find indeed the Panzer IV F1’s of the 1st and 2nd Kompanie to be yellowish colored while the 3rd Kompanie is dark grey (Panzer IV F2 no ‘318’)

Therefor the 2nd and 3rd row will be the 1st and 2nd Kompanie.

*The turret numbers of the panzers which can be read on the original photograph:

  • Panzer II F:      407, 408, 409
  • Panzer III J:      404, 405
  • Panzer IV F-2   115, 116, 117, 118, 215, 216, 217, 218
  • Panzer IV F-1   125, 126, 127, 128, 225, 226, 227, 228, 325, 326, 327, 328

* LAH Panzer Abteilung, the first formation, from Spring 1942 until October 14th 1942

*The Panzer III visible on my photograph on the first row to the most left, no. ‘404’, is depicted on the photograph below as reference to the most early division symbol: (from historicalmedia2009)


*Division symbols on front of the motorcycle sidecars are also clearly visible. Although not of the most early version this photograph gives some reference: (unknown source)

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