Tank : Panzer III Ausfuhrung  D – 30 produced 1938,  No ‘411’

Early type Ausfuhrung D panzer III – determined by its 8 roadwheels and characterized suspension gear. 2 technicians seem to check out something/someone inside the turret. On top and around this panzer III are 9 panzer crew members.

Notice the third crew member from the left: he is wearing the Spanish Civil War Panzer Badge!!!

This badge was constituted in 1939 to panzer member veterans who had served during the Spanish Civil War in sevice of the German Condor Legion. Only 415 were represented… The Condor Legion fought half secretly in the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 and tested many weapons and tactics which were used later on in the German Blitzkrieg.

The first 4 models were essentially all pre-mass-production models. Every Ausfuhrung was built in a slightly larger quantity - the Ausfuhrung D production consisted of 30 panzers.

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