• Tank Type       :           Skoda S-I-D (T32)
  • D/U/P               :           April 1940, Yugoslavian Army, Yugoslavia
  • Paper               :           Agfa-Brovira, double underlining

Very rare photograph of a Skoda produced S-I-D tankette. These were specially requested by and designed for the Yugoslavian Army. 108 vehicles were ordered but only 8 were produced by the start of the war. In April 1940 these 8 vehicles were involved in actions against the German invasion in the Belgrade area. 2 were abandoned near the road while the fate of the other 4 is unknown - they supposedly took part in the fighting and some were destroyed. It is said 2 were captured (the 2 abandoned ones?) and shortly used as training vehicles.

The photographed S-I-D most likely will be one of the 2 abandoned near the road - a German soldier passing by taking time to photograph it. Notice the 3-tone camouflage scheme.

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